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Our mission is to shed much needed light on angular cheilitis, a dermatitis of the mouth, characterized by a surface skin infection at the corner of the lips. As there seems to be a scarcity of thorough and accurate information on cheilitis, we were steadfast in our conviction that a “go to” website on this problematic condition would benefit thousands of folks afflicted with the malady.

Angular Cheilitis RX will provide a detailed knowledge base on perleche (another name for angular cheilitis). We will explore the condition inside out, including its symptoms, causes, and treatment options, highlighting what works and what does not work. We are an important bearer of information, a resource to be used, in your quest to find an angular cheilitis cure.

It may be inferred that the “RX” in the domain name applies to physician-written prescriptions. However, our decision to use RX stems from the fact that it is an abbreviation for the Latin word “recipere” or “recipe,” which simply means “Take, thou.” It is our fervent hope that you will take our information, implement it as part of your perleche treatment plan, and find the relief that you seek.

Definition of Angular Cheilitis

The word angular signifies the affected area– that is the corner of the lips. The term cheilitis means an inflammation of the lips. Medically, the condition may also be called perleche or angular stomatitis. In plain English, cheilitis refers to the presence of painful irritation in the corner of the mouth.

Angular Cheilitis SymptomsAngular Cheilitis Causes
Angular cheilitis is a common ailment that impacts millions of people daily. Those suffering from angular cheilitis will experience inflammation and soreness in the corners of the mouth. The condition progresses through several stages. Early identification of the symptoms is an important step in developing an effective treatment plan.

You also have to ensure that you don't confuse perleche with cold sores, chapped lips, mouth sores, or another skin condition that closely resembles it.
Angular cheilitis is a form of dermatitis, or skin infection. Exposure to naturally occurring salivary bacteria and yeasts causes a localized infection on the skin at the corner of the lips. Everyone is exposed to these bacteria and yeasts (they exist in human spit), however, there are a number of factors that may influence an individual's chances of developing angular cheilitis.

• dribbling or drooling, which is common in the young and elderly
• nutritional deficiencies (especially B-vitamin deficiency)
• immune deficiencies
• history of dermatitis
• licking of the lips
• cold weather, which may cause dryness and chapping, and encourage lip licking
• poorly fitted dentures

Angular Cheilitis Treatment
The most important thing to realize is that angular cheilitis is not chapped lips. Treatments for chapped lips will only make the condition worse! If a person applies a lip balm, or petroleum jelly product to the area and symptoms do not improve, chances are they suffer from angular cheilitis and need to treat the fungal infection directly. There are a number of different treatment options available depending on the severity of the symptoms and the duration of the infection. Treatment options are covered in more detail below and in other areas of this website.

Natural options/home remedies to eradicate angular cheilitis

For those who identify the symptoms early a number of home remedies may be sufficient to treat the condition. Easy home remedies may include:

• witch hazel (herbal anti-inflammatory suitable for a wide range of dermatitis)
• vitamin b supplements (to address underlying vitamin deficiencies)
• anti-bacterial/ anti-fungal mouthwash
• increased attention to oral hygiene

Over the counter products

For those with mild cheilitis a number of OTC products may help alleviate symptoms. These remedies can be found at your local pharmacy.

• Anti-fungal topical creams with the active ingredient clotrimazole

Prescription alternatives

For those with severe cheilitis, a prescription treatment may the best course of action. Individuals should consult with a doctor to determine an appropriate treatment plan.

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Angular Cheilitis Forever FreeHome remedies, over the counter products, and prescription alternatives treat only the symptoms of angular cheilitis. In a new E-book, Jason White goes further. Angular Cheilitis Free Forever focuses not only on treating the symptoms of cheilitis, but also on preventing outbreaks. Jason White has developed an all-natural treatment and prevention program that avoids costly pills, prescription drugs, and slimy creams. Angular Cheilitis Free Forever has helped thousands discover an all-natural, 100% safe way to get rid of cheilitis for good.

Early Stages: Minor Cheilitis
Early stage angular cheilitis may resemble chapped lips, but it is not. If discomfort is particularly pronounced at the corners of the mouth, chances are the person is suffering from angular cheilitis. Typically, a breakout will begin with some mild soreness and tenderness, as well as the tightening of the skin at the corners of the mouth.

Tip for Determining if you have angular cheilitis: Try opening your mouth. If it is painful to “open wide and say ahh” then chances are you have started developing angular cheilitis.

Intermediate Stages: Intermediate Cheilitis
If left untreated angular cheilitis can progress from minor to mild symptoms. At the intermediate stage, angular cheilitis will cause significantly greater discomfort, and have a more pronounced impact on daily life. The tenderness and tightness at the corners of the mouth will progress to a more generalized swollen redness, and the skin around the lips will began to peel off. Eating and talking will become painful. If the pain and discomfort is located at the corner of the mouth, then a sufferer does not have chapped lips. Treatments for chapped lips will not work for angular cheilitis. Proper treatment can prevent the disease from progressing further.

Advanced Stages: Severe Cheilitis
If you continue to postpone treatment, the mild irritation and discomfort caused by angular cheilitis will become much more severe. By this point, a sufferer realizes that that have something worse than simple chapped lips. Severe angular cheilitis is characterized by significant discomfort, swelling and pain. Tightened skin may crack, and open sores, blisters or wounds may develop at corners of the mouth. Severe angular cheilitis can be both extremely painful and noticeably embarrassing. Left untreated, severe angular cheilitis can cause permanent scarring at the corner of the mouth. Yet even severe angular cheilitis symptoms can be managed with proper treatment.

Resources and Suggested Articles:

At Angular Cheilitis RX, we’ve performed countless hours of research on perleche, including combing through the resources and articles above. This website is the culmination of our extensive perleche investigation and our own knowledge base on the topic, borne by years of battling this unrelenting skin condition. We hope that by reading the information presented on the site, you’ll soon become an expert on angular cheilitis.

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