The Waiting Game: How Long Does Angular Cheilitis Last?

You continue to remain a statue, motionlessly steering at your reflection in the mirror, wondering when the symptoms of perleche will disappear. One day passes, and then the next, and the same question keeps ruminating in your mind, “How long does angular cheilitis last?”

Left untreated where no course of action is taken, cheilitis can last weeks or even months. Your body’s immune system will try to ward off any baneful microorganisms responsible for perleche, so depending on your health, diet, and other individual factors, the length of time for symptoms to subside will vary.

Of course, undertaking suitable treatment, such as highlighted on this website, should shorten the waiting time. For example, the right antibacterial or antifungal agent can eradicate angular cheilitis within days. The quickest symptom eradication can be less than a day but unless you address the underlying causes of perleche, it’s very likely the condition will soon reappear. There are many folks who suffer with chronic angular cheilitis where symptoms fade away and then return with a vengeance because the ‘why’ of angular cheilitis is not being tackled.

Therefore, it behooves you to adapt a very healthy lifestyle and diet where your nutritional needs are easily met and your immune system is optimally working. Healing can take place at a rapid rate on the lips, in general, but you have to create conditions that marshal your body’s natural defenses. (Look at the natural treatment options highlighted on the site.)

Moreover, you have to try to lift the stress you’re feeling as a result of the perleche. The symptoms will not last forever even though each day with the condition seems interminable. By concentrating on the appearance of cheilitis, you’re not summoning up those important endorphins that can promote healing.

So embrace a positive, optimistic attitude that cheilitis will soon be a problem of the past and that light exists at the end of the proverbial tunnel. Try to maintain a sense of confidence and pride that your appearance is much more pleasing in its totality than any cracked corners of the mouth.

Moreover, try to resist the temptation to seclude yourself. You don’t have to feel hurt or vulnerable even if people stare (they may not even be honing in on your lips) or say a critical comment. If necessary, speak with a family member or friend about your feelings, and hopefully, they can help you put this self-consciousness in the right perspective.

Finally, while your waiting for symptom improvement, act as if you don’t even have this condition, or at least where it has no effect on your psyche. (Hopefully, you won’t have to act because you actually feel that it does not detract from your appearance, and even more importantly, from who you are.)

But for those who are extremely self-conscious and impatient bearing the marks of angular cheilitis, the fastest way to get rid of perleche is by using the remedies outlined on our site. Those who want immediate visible results may be well-advised to go to the dermatologist, but again, work on the underlying causes.

In summary, it can take weeks or months for angular cheilitis to clear and heal, if left untreated. Implementing natural, over-the-counter, or prescription treatments can shorten the time period immensely, where there is no trace of cheilitis within days … or even within a day. Here’s to rapid symptom improvement, a healthier way of living, and a more positive way of thinking!