Vitamin and Mineral Supplementation Can Alleviate Perleche

While all our health concerns cannot be addressed with a simple, almighty pill, there are decided advantages using potent vitamin and mineral supplementation, not just for our overall health but for problematic skin conditions, such as angular cheilitis. Indeed, there is much anecdotal evidence to support the use of supplements in the war against perleche. Supplement efficacy makes sense because when our immune systems are strong, our bodies can better defend against offending fungi, bacteria, and viruses.

The following lists those vitamins and minerals which most readily can tilt the balance in your favor, defeating those pesky cracked corners of your lips:

1. Vitamin B Complex – Some medical practitioners note Vitamin B deficiency as a contributing factor in the ‘staying power’ of perleche. While the lack of Vitamin B may not cause angular cheilitis, running low on B can enable the fungi or bacteria to thrive and prosper.

The crucial elements of the B family are immune enhancers and should not only enhance health, but the conditions of the mouth. Healing should hasten with an array of Vitamin B components, and again, should support an even healthier immune system, making it more challenging for microbes to regenerate perleche. Vitamin B complex will also reduce stress which will fortify the immune system, making it less likely for perleche reoccurrence.

If Vitamin B complex has not produced any positive dividends, perhaps you should try to take it sublingually so that the supplement can avoid the GI tract and more readily enter the bloodstream. Other options include taking a combination of Vitamin B with folic acid, or just taking extra Vitamin B2 (riboflavin).

2. Vitamin D – This vitamin is a hot button topic these days as it is often credited as a panacea for flu, heart disease, (skin) cancer, and everything in between. Some dermatologists point to Vitamin D deficiency and its link to acne, dark spots, and even wrinkles. Skin health is dependent on an ample supply of Vitamin D, so why not try to boost the level of Vitamin D

There are online reports that Vitamin D supplementation (about 5000 IU daily) has helped to eradicate and prevent angular cheilitis. Oral supplementation, particularly Vitamin D3, should prove advantageous to your lips. If you’ve tried this supplement without favorable response, you can try a Vitamin D patch, available on Amazon, which may make absorption more bio-available.

3. Vitamin E – This fat-soluble antioxidant can help defend against free radicals, protecting against cellular damage, and boost the immune system. Some folks report that taking a Vitamin E supplement (about 400) has improved their perleche. Look for a supplement that has multiple forms of Vitamin E, and not just the standard alpha tocopherol.

It seems very worthwhile to try topical vitamin e as well – preferably, a product without soybean. Applied twice per day for optimal results, this anti-inflammatory oil will make it more difficult for the mouth microbes to grow and flourish. In addition, the oil should accelerate healing. Pus may start forming, eventually closing up the cuts and lesions.

4. Iron – Some medical practitioners believe that iron deficiency creates conditions where mouth lesions are more likely to materialize. It’s best to take Vitamin C with iron to increase absorption levels. Ideally, it’s also beneficial to also take iron (dosage 60 to 200 mg) one hour before meals but some doctors recommend taking iron with food to lesson the chance of stomach upset.

You can experiment with iron supplementation to see what response, if any, it has on the angular cheilits. Ferrous iron is touted as the best form of iron to take for absorption purposes.

5. Zinc – This skin mechanic supplement may just be what the doctor ordered to help deal with perleche. Physiologically vital to our immune system, playing a pivotal role in enzyme functioning, zinc is a healer – orally and topically. It is an anti-inflammatory agent and accelerates the renewal of skin cells which can assist to alleviate the symptoms of angular cheilitis.

Take 25-40 mg of zinc daily but don’t exceed 50 mg or it will adversely affect copper levels. Zinc picolinate or zinc monomethionine are the best absorbable forms to take.

The aforementioned 5 supplements are easily accessibility and should be used in the spirit of trial and error. The following points are applicable:

A) Always consult with a health care professional before launching any supplement program;
B) Eat well-balanced meals with an extra heaping of vegetables and organic proteins whenever possible; and
C) Try to exhibit patience as these are not necessarily overnight cures.

The above supplements may very well offer relief against angular cheilitis. In the spirit of nothing ventured, nothing gained, please try angular cheilitis supplementation to realize positive results.

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