Our minds and bodies know best: We yearn for vacations to alleviate stress, slow down our thoughts, and accelerate a sense of well-being and emotional and physical healing. Indeed, vacations can do wonders for our psyche and our immune systems, and promote relief from physical maladies, such as angular cheilitis. Just the reduction in stress alone can help our bodies heal. But if you combine sun, salt, and well surf, for example, perleche may soon become a distant memory/nightmare.

Remember, the offending microbes thrive in moist, dark conditions. A concentrated dose of sunshine compromises these conditions, and can even weaken or kill yeast. Any microbe die-off tends to benefit a host of skin disorders, including angular cheilitis.

It is also reported that sunlight may foster the following benefits: Increase white blood cells, called lymphocytes, which protect our bodies against infection; enhance our bodies’ capacity to deliver oxygen to the tissues which can help ward off microbes; and stimulate our immune systems making it more difficult for microbes to generate and thrive.

While enjoying a healthy, moderate dose of sun exposure (don’t overdo it), go to the beach and take advantage of the ocean’s mineral content. The minerals should assist with skin detoxification and cellular regeneration. The calcium, potassium, magnesium, and sodium all have health-promoting effects, ensuring an optimal nerve system and cellular functions. (The components of the water are easily absorbable by our bodies.)

Salt water also promotes rapid skin healing, increasing circulation and tissue hydration. Simultaneously, the salt can dehydrate the bacteria’s cell membranes which is ideal for eradicating angular cheilitis. Indeed, salt can neutralize toxins and unfriendly bacteria while drying wounds.

It is not surprising then that some folks have gained relief from perleche by simply soaking their lips in a sea salt solution. Soaking with this substance several times a day can speed healing.

Those who prefer a pool rather than the great outdoors ocean, may be happy to learn that chlorine may contribute to a lessening of the perleche as well. It’s not that the chlorine, a purifying agent added to pool water to disinfect it, is a skin-friendly element. It merely dehydrates the infected area, decreases the walls of bacteria cells, and purifies the water molecules in skin.

There are plenty of online reports where folks assert that their angular cheilitis ended when it was bombarded with a plethora of sunshine, sea salt, and even chlorine. What better way to introduce these elements by taking a vacation while at the same time alleviating skin-troubling tension and stress?

Try to avail yourself to sun and salt, even when you’re not on vacation. They are effective natural remedies to arrest angular cheilitis.

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