I remember first learning about Terrasil Anti-Fungal Treatment when I was browsing the Internet for new, effective over-the-counter anti-fungal formulations. I visited YouTube and promptly listened to a testimonial about Terrasil from a podiatrist who was extolling the virtues of the product. He mentioned it cleared even a severe case of athlete’s foot for one of his patients, and he was happy with its overall results – underscored by the fact that he was willing to attach his name and reputation to the product.

Terrasil™ Anti-Fungal Treatment — Kills Fungus 8X Faster than Major Antifungals. 100% Guaranteed. $29

My next step was to look a little more closely at Terrasil Anti-Fungal Max and it’s potential to destroy stubborn fungi. Ingredient analysis seemed in order. It interested me that the formulation could be used for any part of the party where wayward fungi reside, and not just for feet. In fact, I was researching over-the-counter options for my friend who had angular cheilitis. convinced that it was fungal in nature. If terrasil showed promise to eradicate foot conditions, it could very well prove a potent ally in the battle against perleche.

Now back to evaluating ingredients, I was impressed with the fact that it did not have any harsh preservatives, parabens, artificial scents, or undesirable chemicals. So what gave the formulation its antifungal capabilities? The answer: the active ingredient Clotrimazole (1%). This anti-fungal medication kills fungi and yeasts by running cell membrane interference. The fungi have to produce a substance called ergostero to grow and thrive, and the clotrimazole interferes with ergostero’s production, ultimately thwarting the fungi.

Now while clotrimazole seems a rather innocuous ingredient as it does not get readily absorbed by the bloodstream, pregnant and breastfeeding women should exercise caution when using it. It’s always best to err on the side of safety, and this demographic should discuss the pros and cons of the ingredient with their physician.

Playing the role of armchair chemist, I also looked at the inactive ingredients. Now while they may be deemed inactive because they may not enhance the medical, therapeutic value of the product, the combination of tea tree oil and silver oxide can’t hurt as they are both heralded for their anti-fungal powers. In addition, research shows that beeswax (Terrasil Anti-Fungal Treatment contains organic beeswax) also possesses the ability to fight fungi.

Bentonite (volcanic clay), magnesium oxide, zinc oxide, peppermint oil, and a form of jojoba carrying oil, round out the formulation – designed not just to relieve a fungal infection but to provide moisture and soothing calm to any residual pain. Any topical used for a fungal skin infection, like angular cheilitis, should also be antiseptic and anti-inflammatory, and Terrasil Anti-Fungal fits the bill. But it’s primary purported benefit is getting rid of fungi, and in that regard, proudly boasts that it is 8 times more effective than other brands.

Based on my, “Give it a try” encouragement, my friend used Terrasil and found it effective. She was fastidious about applying it the right way and frequency which helped ensure positive results.

However, I’ve read other Terrasil Skin Repair Max reviews that were not as favorable. Some claimed that the product did not work; others said it just stained their clothes. But those dissatisfied customers are in the minority, and the vast majority of users find the product to live up to its claims.

You can purchase it via the link below and know that you have 90 days to return it if it does not work for you. Terrasil Skin Repair Max should only be used if you’re sure that you have a true fungal infection. If you’re uncertain, as with many cases of angular cheilitis, you can use Terrasil Skin Repair ointment, also provided via the link below:

Terrasil™ Anti-Fungal Treatment — Kills Fungus 8X Faster than Major Antifungals. 100% Guaranteed. $29

Folliculitis Treatment — Terrasil™ Kills Bacteria 21X Faster to Restore Clear Skin. 100% Guaranteed. $24.

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